Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Warrior's Path Project Results

The best thing and the worst thing about the Peace Corps is the freedom that you have. We spend nearly all of our lives in structure – in school with assignments or in work with tangible goals – making not having it very challenging.

So, when I had to change sites from Ejido Gogorrón to San Blas the biggest thing I took with me was the importance of having a plan. While in Gogorrón, I worked on several projects (some more successful than others), but they often lacked long term vision as I struggled to simply find myself in this new environment. When I moved to San Blas, I took that wandering and languishing feeling with me to create and design The Warrior's Path Project.

Needless to say, I am very proud of of all of the students in the class and am very thankful of all the people who helped me with my project. Just as importantly, I'm happy to say that we were able to accomplish every single thing we set out to do. In fact, the biggest compliment I received was from a Peace Corps staff member who admitted they were doubtful that I would be able to accomplish as much as I wanted to, but now that I did it they had become inspired.

In the end, the program graduated 7 of the original 11 applicants. Of the 7 who graduated, 4 are already in college and have received their academic scholarships. The 3 remaining graduates are high school seniors and will be receiving their scholarships when they begin college next school year.

All in all, this is what we accomplished:
  • Read 3 books of Mexican literature
  • Wrote and rewrote 2 essays
  • Safe sex education (given by a single mother who graduated from the program)
  • 4 sessions of nutrition education with pre and post testing
  • Planned for college (like identifying schools, majors, and exam dates)
  • All of the students reached yellow belt
  • Trained 2 to 3 times a week in Tae Soo Do for nearly a year
  • 2 fundraisers to raise money for training equipment and scholarships
Some of the students receiving their Warrior's Path diplomas.

The students and teacher of the Tae Kwon Do school I used to give my classes (I also trained here to maintain my condition).


  1. I was waiting for this. Well done friend!!

  2. My name is Matt and my organization ( works with Peace Corps in Botswana. We are launching a new programme in the Gulf of Mexico and would love to link with credible NGOs in Costa Mayo and Cozumel. Please email me at if you would like to hear more.


  3. are there schools near west palm beach florida

    1. Hi,

      There are a few school in Florida, which you can find here:

      It looks like there is a school in Sarasota, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee, too.